Life: Monday Musings

Some thoughts that have been floating around in my head.

1. Eating strict paleo is easier when you don’t know about all the paleo substitutions that exist out in the world.  (Technically, all these paleo substitutions aren’t really paleo, but that would be a long discussion and debate.)

2. There seems to be some merit to the gut healing theory.  Personally, after two years of paleo/primal eating, I can eat some wheat based products without feeling completely terrible and in need of a long slumber to sleep it off.  Not that I am going to go back to eating wheat.

3.  I found out that my reaction to wheat is much improved because my sister made these amazing cookies while I was home this past weekend and I couldn’t resist.  I probably ate a dozen of them…maybe I’m exaggerating just a little.

4.  I also made cauliflower pizza crust with my sister this past weekend.  She was in charge of the toppings.  Good thing, since she actually makes things look pretty and tasty. (Hopefully, I’ll be sharing some photos soon.)

5.  My goal is to clean up my act this month and eat cleaner and sleep better, but I’m afraid to actually announce that here because I’m not sure I can or want to be that committed.

6. I’m transitioning to writing one blog, this one, and getting it better organized.  What do you think about the new title format?

7. I like the number seven so I’m going to end here.



Welcome to the new Forks in the Crossroad blog.  I have decided to repurpose this blog into one that focuses on a healthy lifestyle.  In particular, a lifestyle that involves paleo/primal eating.  I just started eating this way and am excited to see what the results are.  This blog will be an evolution of my diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

Forks in the Crossroad seemed like a very apt place to blog since a lifestyle is based on choices and those have to be made at every fork and crossroad in life.  Forks is also a bit of a play on words since forks are an eating utensil.

In any case, welcome!  I look forward to reading all your comments and hearing what you have to say.

(As an aside: Please remember to be mindful of your tone if you choose to comment.  This is meant to be a happy and helping website that looks for open and thoughtful discussion.  Anything that is hurtful of others will not be tolerated.)