Au Naturale Cosmetics


While I’m a firm believer that the best makeup in the world is good food, enough sleep, and drinking plenty of water, there are just times when you want a little bit more than just your fresh faced self. That’s what makeup is for.

I think other than the few school plays I was in and occasional lip gloss, I really didn’t start wearing makeup until last year. Even now, wearing makeup is a rarity. For one thing, putting on makeup takes me a while and I’d rather spend those minutes in the morning sleeping or eating. However, I do wear makeup on some days and it does get in my eyes and in my mouth. Not exactly glamourous, but that’s the reality.

So, if makeup is getting into my body, well I’d rather be wearing things that are less likely to harm me than not. Of course what is actually safe is really an ongoing debate.

I did a good amount of online research last year about safe makeup lines and what ingredients to avoid. I spent a lot of time on the EWG Skin Deep Database and just doing gobs of research. After all of that, I feel fairly comfortable with buying makeup and self care products after reading the ingredients list without having to look up every single ingredient. Of course, natural makeup is by no means perfect, but we’re all trying here and that’s the point.

Enter Au Naturale Cosmetics. I heard about this line off some blog I read (sorry, I don’t remember where and if I do happen to remember I’ll link back to you) and took a gander. Up until I discovered this line, I had been using mineral makeup from Alima Pure and various products from 100 Percent Pure. I love both of those companies and their products (I know I promised reviews a long time ago that never got posted…I’m working on it), but I’m also someone who loves variety.

I found a great deal during the holidays that I couldn’t pass up and ordered myself a lip gloss in poppy, a lip crayon in burnt sienna, and a creme eye shadow in noir. While rms beauty has a great line of eye shadows, they don’t have a saturated black, so I was excited to try one. I had also been looking for an red-orange lip color and the combo of burnt sienna and poppy looked like what I was looking for. In addition to the products I ordered, I snagged a sample trio of three mineral eye shadows and a mineral powder blush.

I’ve had the products for less than three weeks and I love them. The lip crayon and lip gloss are a great combination and it’s a nice change from reds and pinks. (That makes it sound like I have a lot of lip colors, when in reality I think I have one red lip tint and a light pink lip gloss.) The creme eye shadow is a true black that is very much creamy. A nice change from foiling on mineral powders. The eye shadow and blush powders are also very good, but I haven’t really used them more than once or twice because I’m too busy using the creme shadow and lip products.

Now I’m not going to lie, these products are not cheap. (Remember, this is a poor student talking.) Not cheap at all, especially when you compare them to the dollar products lining drug store shelves. However, at the end of the day, I’d rather pay for products that I love and trust rather than have a million different colors from the drug store (as fun as that is). Plus, the drug store doesn’t send me a hand written note saying thank you for your order.


Seriously though, these products are good. I’ll tell you how good in the next few posts as I highlight each product and what I love about them. Please, also stay tuned as I do my best to actually post reviews of other natural makeup products that I’ve been using since I dumped all the conventional makeup products that I had in the trash.


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