Morning treats

I’ve had a stupid head cold that I haven’t been able to shake all week. I blame the room that I’ve been stuck in for most of the last couple of weeks and the other people I’m working with. I will refrain from telling you my opinion of both of these entities for fear of ruining someone’s appetite and because it’s not nice to talk about other people. (Unless you’re saying nice things of course!)


So now I’m sitting here with this beautifully topped Americano waiting for breakfast. The lovely people at this coffee shop are mostly used to my crazies because I probably came here every morning for the better part of a month when I was moving and ordering whip cream on top of my Americano. Now, they don’t question it.

Well, I better get ready to eat since it looks like between the rain that has just started to fall and my late start this morning, I’m going to be making a run for it.

PS In case anyone cares, I love my new phone! 🙂


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