Life and Other Things Like It

I just spent the last hour or so reading the articles off The Primalist’s regular round up of links, aptly named Primalisms.  I was a particular fan of the last article in the list about a group of long living people in Greece.  The article gave me a lot to think about.

For one thing, in this country (and I mean the U.S. for all the international readers out there) we chase after “cures.”  Have a problem?  Fix that problem.  We often forget to look at the underlying reasons for that symptom.  Sometimes we go looking for the reason why and find it.  When we don’t, medicine likes to dump it into the broad category of unknowns called “idiopathic.”

There is still so much we can’t explain and I’m not saying that calling things idiopathic is wrong.  I’m saying that if something is idiopathic, then we need to look at more than just that one symptom.  What else is going on with that person?  What else can we improve about the way that person is going about life?

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  A small piece of the puzzle that needs fixing.  I could go on and on about what need to change in medicine, but today’s discussion is a bit more broad.

So, there is that issue of when you have a problem, we only fix that problem and not anything else.  Medicine often neglects to address things like lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and the like.  Those are the exact things that rise to the surface when various researchers and studies look at populations of long-living people.

Could I live like those long living people here in the U.S.?  Maybe.  Would my life be better if I could? Definitely.  It would be a huge mental shift.  The thing is that all the things that give these populations longevity are things that feel good.  Think about it.  Hanging with your friends and doing social things feels good.  Being out in the great outdoors feels good.  Waking up when you want to and not to an alarm feels good.

We’ve forgotten what really feels good.  In the U.S., rugged individualism is the name of the game.  We like our separate houses and our privacy.  We schedule social time and limit the time we do it.  We take pride is how much more stressful and hectic our life is compared to the next person.  On and on.  And while we’re doing all this, we’re having uncontrolled high blood pressure, diabetes, and a whole host of other maladies.

This is what I know.  In the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that on days when I can get up closer to when the sun is rising, I feel a lot happier in the morning and it’s easier to get out of bed.  The days when I have to get up hours before the sun is a lot harder even if I’ve had just as much or even more sleep.  Doesn’t feel as nice.  During my down time I crave socialization.  I never really had that sort of craving before, but maybe now that I’m more in tune with myself I feel it more.  Of course, the problem with my craving socialization is that everyone else is busy being “too busy.”

And therein lies the problem.

I just wanted to throw some thoughts out there and get everyone thinking.  Go read the article and let me know what you think.

The Blahs

I’m having a bad case of the blahs.  I blame the suddenly 50 degree temperatures that started right after it was 80 degrees, I blame the shorter and shorter days, and I blame the fact that I haven’t gotten my blah self cooking nutritious foods or going to the gym.  I did go rollerblading on Sunday when it was freakily 70 degrees outside, but other than that and a short stint at the gym 1.5 weeks ago, I haven’t done much.  This all from the girl who burned herself out a couple years ago going to the gym 2 – 3 times a day in an effort to be “healthy.”  Yup, I’m a woman of extremes.

I’m writing this post to declare my war on the blahs.  I’ve got to do something before I end up staying in bed all day and feeling sorrier and sorrier for myself.  The blahs will do that to a person.

  1. Pick something to do in the morning that I want to do.  This has been my go to strategy when I dread getting out of bed in the mornings…right now, that’s where I’m at.  It takes me the better part of an hour to convince myself to get out of bed and then I move slowly and have to rush to work.  Not cool.  There isn’t much to do at 5 am, but the gym I belong to right now is 24 hours during the week, so that’s where I’m heading when I get up in the morning.  Now I just have to remember that I actually do like going to the gym.  The blahs can really hit you hard sometimes.
  2. Sit in front of my happy lamp.  A  couple of years ago, I was really depressed during the winter.  The cold snowy north does me no favors when combined with my long hours and indoors all day work.  The goal is to do this in the morning so I don’t end up being unable to sleep at night.
  3. Pay attention to my feelings.  I tend to be the kind of person who doesn’t want to feel my feelings, more so when I’m having the blahs.  So, some journaling (preferably in front of the happy lamp) to get those feelings out instead of bottled up would be nice.
  4. Get outside.  When I’m having the blahs, I don’t want to go outside.  Throw in some 50 degree weather and you’ll find me sitting at home in my sweats watching online TV while stuffing myself with yet more eggs because I don’t feel like cooking.
  5. Actually cook meals.  Speaking of cooking, I need to cook.  I need to stop the carb-ing with the white rice, which I’ve been doing for far too long now, and get back to eating lots of vegetables.  Right now I’m feeling veggie averse even though I know I feel much better when I eat a lot of vegetables.  It just seems like a lot of effort right now to cook and eat lots of vegetables.  Don’t ask me about the reasoning behind that one.
  6. Connect with people.  Right now, I’m feeling pretty disconnected.  My best friends are far away and have been for some time now.  It’s been harder lately to catch up with them regularly because we’re all running around with crazy schedules.  Throw in a time difference and we’re barely making time to catch up once a month.  I also have an awesome pen pal that I’ve been neglecting, so I need to get on writing some letters to her.  Maybe it’s also time to throw a housewarming party.

I’m sure there are a million other things that I could/should be doing to battle the blahs, but let’s start with these, shall we?

What do other people do to battle the blahs?

Morning treats

I’ve had a stupid head cold that I haven’t been able to shake all week. I blame the room that I’ve been stuck in for most of the last couple of weeks and the other people I’m working with. I will refrain from telling you my opinion of both of these entities for fear of ruining someone’s appetite and because it’s not nice to talk about other people. (Unless you’re saying nice things of course!)


So now I’m sitting here with this beautifully topped Americano waiting for breakfast. The lovely people at this coffee shop are mostly used to my crazies because I probably came here every morning for the better part of a month when I was moving and ordering whip cream on top of my Americano. Now, they don’t question it.

Well, I better get ready to eat since it looks like between the rain that has just started to fall and my late start this morning, I’m going to be making a run for it.

PS In case anyone cares, I love my new phone! 🙂

Happy Dance

I had to share with everyone that I’m getting a new phone.  I try not to spend a lot of money on technology, but this time around, I very much need a new phone.  My poor abused phone is getting slower and slower and more and more unhappy, so it’s time to retire it and get a new one.

After much hunting around and waiting, I finally managed to snag one and will hopefully be picking it up tomorrow.  So excited!

This is well timed excitement as I’m fighting off a head cold and feeling rather miserable.

All right, I’m done doing my happy dance and sharing my glee with the world.  I’ll be back sometime soon with those reviews of the makeup that I promised and other posts.  I have a whole list of ideas that I want to make into posts, so stay tuned!