So Excited

I’m not a big makeup person, but after a month of crazy hours, too little sleep, and hard work, I needed a pick me up.  When I saw a weekly deal on 100% Pure that I wanted, I just went on a little shopping spree and bought myself some makeup goodies.


Initially, when I ordered these things, I was sad to learn they wouldn’t arrive to coincide with my last day of craziness, but I’m still excited that I got them today because I’m throwing a dinner party on Friday and I can’t wait to try the makeup out.

Most of the makeup is pretty neutral, so I should be able to wear the makeup to work when I want to.  Double yay.

The hope is that as I try out each of these goodies, I can post reviews on them, so stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “So Excited

  1. I like the mascara 🙂 I am eagerly waiting for them to restock their concealer!!! I want some concealer and eyeshadow and golly, I might even get some lip stuff. I don’t wear lipstick or lipgloss. But my husband recently said he wanted to see me wear lipstick. It was shocking. HA. I don’t know if I can do it. Having color on my lips might just freak me out.

    • I’m definitely going to have to try and buy that mascara again. So far the makeup is working out pretty well, but I think I might need some primer…having Asian eyes makes eye makeup tricky. Or I just need to bring all the stuff to work and reapply halfway through the day. Probably, I’ll just settle for not wearing makeup most of the time, since I think that’s better and I’m also lazy about make up.

      Awww! You’re husband is so cute. You know what you can do, buy the cheek and lip tint. It gives you a hint of color and you don’t feel anything on your lips really. I bought the cranberry color, but you could get a more subtle color. I also like the lip glaze that I got. I like gloss, but I haven’t tried any natural ones yet. Those are next on the list with that mascara.

      I’ll have to write a proper review about everything soon. One of these days when I’m not dead tired. I’m hoping this weekend, but I’m also hoping to paint my bedroom. We’ll see.

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