Advice, please.

I compartmentalize.  I like things divided up neatly instead of mashed up all together.  That’s why I have a blog about food and this separate blog to blog about all the adjacent lifestyle things.  Lately, I’ve had all these thoughts swirling around my head for ideas I want to share and ideas I want to get out there and I’m wondering to myself do I want to manage three blogs?  If you couldn’t tell, I’m already having some trouble getting posts up lately.  I blame all the stress of moving.

I think that the title of this blog works for whatever I want to put up here.  After all it’s basically a take on being at decision making points and having to choose a path.  I’m just not sure how comfortable I am with the idea of putting new, most likely unrelated material to the content so far up on the same blog.  Then again, do I really want to manage three blogs?

Any advice from bloggers out there?


6 thoughts on “Advice, please.

  1. Well I don’t think I could offer you advice considering I have the same dilema myself! Although it was rather fun, I quit on my sourdough blog since I’ve given up wheat, and I’m pretty sure I won’t go back to it. Of course then I wanted to start another blog called “Gracie goes grain-free” or something like that (hahaha). I feel like I want to offer my readers what they originally started reading my blog for- but I have such vastly different subjects. To me they are all connected because they are all on my journey towards purpose, but for everyone else they may be totally unrelated. I keep toying with the idea of branching out into different blogs but believe I should just keep it all in one spot. Grace On Purpose, is all about me, my thoughts, and my actions. There’s no real need to split it up.
    I think maybe you could keep writing different things on this blog. But I don’t know what subjects you’re thinking of writing about so I couldn’t quite give you my opinion. And managing three blogs can be sorta challenging (I manage 3 myself- used to be 4). Anyway, it’s something you probably need to work out on your own.

    • Ha ha ha. Aww. Yeah I was juggling a few blogs at one point but then backed down to two. I think you’re right though, in a lot of ways blogging is about the person who is doing it so everything ends up being related in some way. I just have a hard time not wanting to make everything all neat and organized and perfect. 😛 I try to swing the other way when blogging as a way of self-therapy. ha ha.

      How’s the settling in at the new place going?? 🙂

      • It’s going well… finally set up my printer. Haha that’s sort of a milestone? hahaha
        I don’t want to be creepy, but I feel like asking if you want to be penpals 🙂 I only have one, and I haven’t been too good at writing to her this past year… but anyway, now that I’m journaling again I think letter writing will be easier. And I’m pretty certain it’s therapeutic. And it’s great fun to receive mail. ha!

      • Not creepy at all. I’ve been thinking about it myself for a long time actually!! I’d love to be pen pals. I used to write letters a lot but haven’t in a long time, it would be great to start again. 🙂

  2. My sincerest advice is to stick to one blog? Quality over quantity. I had to quit mine during my The 9 months of my pregnancy because I could not keep up with it. Therefore, my advice comes from my very own personal experience. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you for commenting! I agree that quality over quantity. I think it’s just a mental block I have with wanting things to be “organized.” 🙂

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