Life Without Internet at Home

Moving is a hassle that I hope that sometime in the next few years I won’t have to deal with anymore.  I’m getting tired of moving every year.  Even with my paltry amount of items, being a single woman makes moving yourself rather difficult.  I’d hire movers if I had that kind of financial latitude, but with the federal government making educational loans a losing game for students, I’m not even close to having anything resembling financial latitude.

I could keep ranting, but I’ll spare you, dear reader.  The subject today is less technology at home.  

Currently, I have yet to order Internet at home.  I’m not terribly happy about the options from the local cable provider, which have changed considerably since I last ordered Internet, and there are still a lot of other issues that need straightening out before I can get to worrying about Internet.

In the meantime, it’s either the school lab, or some other location with wifi.  Currently, most days it’s a lot of coffee shop time.  The good thing about this is that instead of wasting time on the Internet doing things that aren’t productive, I tend to be a lot more productive with my time on the Internet when I know it’s limited to the time I’m spending at the coffee shop.  My priority list goes something along the lines of pay bills, do homework and research necessary for school, and then do things like blog.  As you can see by the lack of posts lately, blogging doesn’t even usually make it into the list of things I get done while I have Internet.

As much as I’d like to make life without internet permanent, I will eventually get around to getting internet service, it’s just low on my priority list for now.  I would like to end up doing work at home instead of having to go out and spend money on drinks I don’t need to be drinking, but it’s working for now since I need the coffee to get me through the day lately (don’t even get me started on how bad that is for me.).

The point is though that I would eventually like to get to a point in life where I am less connected electronically and online and more connected to the earth and people.  It seems like a good goal especially considering that the powers that be are finally admitting that cell phone use will in fact give you brain tumors (and kill you).  You can even be allergic to excessive amounts of electromagnetic radiation.  So yeah…the whole go back to the natural things and get connected to life and not technology seems like a good idea for everyone, not just granola crunching, tree huggers.  

Just some random, on the fly thoughts.  And now I must fly the coffee shop here and get on with other things in life.

Hope everyone is well and staying cool in the summer!



4 thoughts on “Life Without Internet at Home

  1. Talking on the phone for more than 30 minutes tends to make me sick. No joke yo. Now that we’ve moved I got my own cell phone, but I leave it on the desk all day. Under no circumstances do I keep it on my person… !

    • That’s probably the healthiest way to use/have a cell phone. Of course all the uber connected people out there are probably jumping up and down about how that defeats the purpose of a cell phone. I really feel the pull towards being more grounded and connected to people in a human way rather than a technological way and I feel frustrated and sad that we live in a world where people think that it’s enough to update facebook as a way of telling our friends and family important news. Not to mention the crazy amount of computer/technology use that goes on in my life and basically requires me to have a smart phone and stay connected. When I’m at home, though, I tend to “forget” my cell phone in my room. hehe.

      How’s the moving?? Are you all moved yet?

      • I TOTALLY agree with you. And it’s really weird that we live in an age when you have to defend your choice to not post pictures of your children online… because doing that has become the norm. I sorta miss when we were all still suspicious about putting personal info online. Now people get mad at you if you don’t. HA!

        Moving is going well. I’ve gotten a little lazy about getting better organized, but this week I plan to get things more together. I want to have parties and start doing fun projects again! And I also want to do some weeding outside… this place is set up good with berry bushes and asparagus and we also just discovered some grape vines… aaahhh it all makes me happy. I hope we can stay here for a few years at least.

      • Oh my goodness, I totally agree. I’m always totally amazed that people post pictures of their children online! I always think about what those kids will think and how they’ll feel as adults when they see pictures of them as kids floating around the Internet for all to see. I still fall in the highly suspicious category. The fact that I’m blogging is close to miraculous. 😛

        Sounds like fun! I always dream about having wonderfully fantastic dinner parties, but that has yet to happen. I need to actually move into a house with a decent kitchen and enough space for decent entertaining.

        How fun! I miss living in a house. It’s been apartments for four years now and it’s driving me crazy. And my kitchen just got smaller! Groan. I don’t even dream about backyards anymore. hehe.

        Well, good luck with the organizing. I’m in the same boat. I can’t wait to be done with the organizing.

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