Caffeination Nation

I know I said I was back from my hiatus a long time ago and then have posted a piddly amount of posts since. It’s been absolutely nuts around here.

I’m in the middle of moving while starting to work full days. Exhausted might be an understatement at this point. I think I will need someone to peel me off the floor by the end of the week.

Given the sad state of things (don’t even get me started on what I’ve been eating lately), I’ve been relying on coffee every morning. I think a recharge and rebalance is going to be in order after this whole ordeal is over.

Well, that’s my update. More much later after I am no longer relying on quick sources of “energy.”

Nontoxic Living

I am on a quest to simplify and keep as many toxins out of my life as possible.  Some things are not always in my control, but I like to do what I can.

When it comes to eating, I pretty much have my routines in place and other than tweaking the ratios of what I’m eating, there isn’t a whole lot more thought that I need to put into eating than the usual.  Of course, I’m constantly battling food boredom, but that’s the challenge of not eating grains in a grain-centric society.

As for self-care products, I still have yet to settle on something that I love until the end of time.  I had a good routine going with Clinique products in the past, but ever since I read about all the terrible things that are put into self care products as a result of an unregulated cosmetics industry, I’ve gone cold turkey and tossed just about everything in my bathroom.

I’ve moved onto coconut oil, jojoba oil, plain bar soap, and some manufactured alternatives that are “clean,” but I’m still on the hunt for better.  In my hunt for better, I’ve come across some websites and companies that I think are working towards the goal of non-toxic products.

One of these new websites is called No More Dirty Looks.  This is a great website that talks about “clean” products and features people who are trying to use clean beauty products.  It’s a great site to discover new products to try and to realize that trying to be “clean” with your self care and beauty products isn’t always an easy path.

I’ve discovered a whole bunch of brands I want to try, but since I haven’t tried them or done any of my own personal extensive research, I’ll leave it at this today.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer (or winter if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere)!