Thursday Thoughts

It’s a chilly day here today and when I say chilly, I really mean cold.  I heard on the radio that we’re in for a deep freeze tonight down into the 20s.  I think that I should probably go and find my flannel pajamas.  The ones that I so efficiently put away into a storage box two weeks ago when it was nearly 80 degrees out.

It’s cloudy out in addition to the chilly and I just want a nap, which I may very well do after writing up this post.  I tried to spend today holed up at home hoping that I could go without coffee and still have a productive day.

It turns out that days with coffee and being out in the world are more productive than the days without coffee.  I spent a good long while hunting for a stovetop espresso maker (a.k.a. moka pot) at the bargain store today.  I found one that would have suited my needs and my budget, only to find that it was an empty box taunting me.  Uncool.

After some internet research, I’ve given up on the idea for now.  I own two very nice french presses, but after hearing about this whole mycotoxin in my coffee stuff, I’m intent on reducing my exposure and making some comparisons to see if different coffees and brewing methods do in fact make a difference for me.  I certainly see a difference in my reaction to coffee lately versus in times past.  I think it has to do with the paleo eating, but I could be wrong there.

It’s actually been an exhausting week waiting for one thing or another to happen.  I can be very patient and then at times when I’m consciously waiting for something, not very patient.  Once I get some things straightened out and I can relax enough for a good night’s sleep, I should be in better shape.

Speaking of sleep, I was just getting to sleeping well when I had to get myself up this morning.  Luckily, I didn’t end up late to my appointment and I also managed to avoid getting pulled over.  I had a few close calls.  I don’t think the cops were interested in pulling me over, but having them cruise along behind or alongside me in their slow and stealthy ways made my heart beat a little faster.

The good news is that my painful foot, which I was worried might actually be broken or have some tendon or ligament injury is actually injury free according to the x-rays and MRIs that were taken.  I figured as much, which is why I didn’t go see someone until a good month and a half after I actually injured my foot.  The only thing is that I’m still having pain, so I’m off to PT for a couple of weeks.  I’m doubtful, but we’ll see.

All right, I need some sleep and then there will be mad amounts of work being done over here.  I cannot wait until tomorrow.  Friday just makes everything better.


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