Monday Musings

  1. I just ground my whole bean coffee with my blender.  We’ll find out if that was a good or bad idea.  If it’s a bad idea, then I should suck it up and buy a coffee grinder.  I also want a moka pot.  
  2. Lack of money is one of the least fun parts of being a grownup.  Why didn’t anyone warn me?
  3. Butter in your coffee is actually really tasty.  I know it sounds gross, but that’s how you make Bulletproof Coffee.  I’ve been bringing little jars of butter and coconut oil with me to coffee shops.  
  4. No butter today…need to get my head on straight and actually plan some meals and do some real grocery shopping
  5. One more time…being poor is really not fun.
  6. I want it to be the weekend already so I can have an excuse to play.
  7. There is a freeze warning down south where it’s currently somewhere around 60 degrees Fahrenheit and meanwhile all we get here is a special weather statement and it’s in the 30s and only feels like 24.  Weird.
  8. I have got the worst cabin fever from staying inside because of allergies and not getting any good workouts in because my foot might have a microscopic fracture somewhere.  
  9. Speaking of allergies, I’ve actually managed to only take one of three allergy medications that I’ve taken the last few years.  I didn’t even take it the last couple of days because I was inside in the mornings and that’s when it’s the worst.  Thank you, paleo.  Maybe next year we can go drug free.  Now, that would be something.
  10. Ever hear of a souffle omelette?  Head over to Conor Bofin’s blog and take a peek at the drool worthy photos and make your own.  That’s my big meal planning of this week…to make and eat one of those decadent looking omelettes.
The end.

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