Allergies and Time Change Weirdness

I love that it’s spring.  Mostly.  The parts that I’m not loving right now are seasonal allergies (thank you, trees) and the recent time change.

I’ve never been tested for allergies, but given the timing and what I know about allergy syndromes and what not, I’m almost positive that I’m allergic to tree pollen.  I didn’t have any allergies until high school and since I developed them, they’ve gotten progressively more severe.  Last year, I took three medications to be functional enough to do all the work that I have to do.  It might sound excessive, but the most important thing to me is to have a clear mind and that’s the thing that is most affected for me.  I know the trees have started up when I start feeling foggy in the head and I start getting headaches that just won’t go away.  I know this before I get any of the typical symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Seasonal allergies are one of the reasons that I was motivated to try a paleo diet.  Despite the fact that my three drug regimen has been pretty effective the last few years, I’m not a big fan of drugs and well, if I can be clear headed without drugs, I’d be a really happy girl.  

So far this year, I’m doing okay.  I’ve been staying inside, even though it’s so temptingly beautiful outside; wearing masks, when I’m not feeling overly self conscious; and not taking drugs.  The problem is that even though I’m avoiding all the runny noses and sneezing fits, I’m still foggy in the head and lethargic.  So, I caved and started taking a 24 hour antihistamine.  Fingers crossed I can make it through the season with just one drug and not three.  I’m hoping I’ve gotten something out of eating paleo.  We’ll see.

As for this time change nonsense, I still haven’t gotten used to the late light and it’s driving me crazy.  I don’t have a sense of time and so my working rhythm is all out of whack.  Somebody, please, abolish daylight savings time.  It’s a ridiculous construct that messes with my body and sense of time and drives me crazy!!  There are even studies showing that it does NOT save energy.  So why are we going through all this hassle??  Don’t lawmakers have better things to do than tinker around with when we change time?  How about we just don’t change time?  Seriously.

And that concludes my rant of the day.  Back to work.


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