Who is the fairest of them all?

About 9 months ago, give or take, I changed how I eat.  I started eating a more paleo/primal diet.  The first month I was very strictly paleo and eliminated grains and dairy products along with nightshades and legumes.  After the first month, I found I didn’t have problems with dairy products other than milk, so I added those back in.

Since changing how I eat, a lot of things have changed.  Most notably, I am a lot more conscious about how I treat my body.  I talked a little bit about this in a previous post.  Well, since finding out that even things like shampoo are probably toxic to my body, I’ve been doing a lot of research for alternatives.

Initially, my plan was to finish using the products that I had and then slowly switch over to products that were safer.  Turns out, that’s not really my style.  One day, I just got up and purged my bathroom of all the beauty products that I had.  Shampoos, body washes, makeup, hair products, soaps…just about everything went into a big bag.  I made a separate bag for products I hadn’t used in case someone wanted them, but I feel funny about giving beauty products that I know are hazardous to your health to someone else to use.

I talked a little bit about my current personal care routine in a previous post.  Since that point, I’ve been washing my hair mostly with baking soda or with plain bar soap made by Sappo Hill.  I found that apple cider vinegar rinses usually make my hair look greasy, so I don’t do that often and when I do, I do the apple cider vinegar rinse before doing the baking soda wash.  I also tried the lemon and cucumber 2-in-1 hair wash, which worked well other than the fact that I ended up with lemon bits in my hair for a couple of days.  Turns out you’re supposed to strain the stuff before you use it.  Whoops!

I still don’t have the hair that I want, so the tweaking of the hair routine will continue, but overall I’m pretty happy with my basic self care routine.  I use a few basic things that keep my routine simple and my bathroom free of clutter.

The only thing left is to find some makeup that I am comfortable using.  I’ve been on a mad hunt for natural products to the detriment of things that I actually need to be doing and have found a bunch of interesting sites and companies.  I haven’t actually tried any of these products or companies yet as I have been busy and I’m also quite poor right now.

In no particular order, here are the websites that have piqued my interest and seem to have positive reviews from consumers.


In my research, I’ve started to develop a sense of what I’m okay with and what I’m not okay with.  If there is a less toxic alternative to a makeup product, you can be sure I’ll be using the less toxic one.  I also found out that even products with overall low scores on the Environmental Working Group (EWG) database can still have ingredients that have a high score, so it pays to always check the scores of the individual ingredients as well.

  1. rms beauty – This is the one natural makeup company that I have tried.  After finding out there was a local store that sold this line of beauty products, I went to investigate.  The girl there gave me a full face of rms beauty products and matched me for their “foundation.”  I left with a pot of their eyeshadow in solar, which is a shimmery golden bronze color.  The products aren’t cheap (I paid $28 plus tax for the tiny pot of eyeshadow), but they are completely natural and my eyeshadow is going to last me a good long while.  The products are easy to apply and they give you a look that is natural and not made up. Two of the girls working at the store both raved about it and said they used this line exclusively for their makeup.  They looked great, so I think that’s saying something.
  2. Alima pure – I’ve seen this company’s products reviewed more than a few times and hopefully will be able to try out their products sometime soon.  This is a pure mineral makeup company that has a wide variety of colors and shimmers.
  3. Gourmet Body Treats – A family owned company that makes their products in small batches.  All of their products are vegan, cruelty free and nano particle free.  In addition to makeup, there are also shampoos, soaps, and baby products.  They also have a points program for frequent shoppers.
  4. Coastal Classic Creations – A seemingly well known natural makeup company that scores well on the EWG website.  Lots of neat mineral colors.  They also sell personal care products as well.
  5. 100% Pure – Organic products that are pigmented using fruits.  Most of them are also gluten free.  Even better.  This is probably where I’m going to buy my next natural makeup product.  I have my eye on some mascara and possibly and eyeshadow stick.  We’ll see.

Nail Polish

The safest nail polishes appear to be water based ones.  There are however some downsides to water based nail polishes, so I’ve included one company that appears to make a non-water based, but safer nail polish that is three-free.

  1. Suncoat – I haven’t tried their makeup, but I did buy one of their Suncoat Girl nail polishes in a silver color.  It’s a water based nail polish that peels off.  For a nail polish that peels off, the polish is pretty durable and easy to apply.  I never wore the polish for long because it was way too fun to peel it off.  I also don’t like the feeling of nail polish on my nails.  I am interested in trying out more colors and different brands (which I will list below), especially since nail polish is one of the most toxic beauty products out there.
  2. Aquarella – This appears to be the most well known and well regarded of the water based nail polishes.  You can buy their products on their website or amazon.com.  The polishes are not cheap.  They run almost $20 a bottle, but they have a lot of colors and good reviews.
  3. Scotch Naturals – Another company with water based nail polishes.  I love their play on words and they have some really pretty colors.  These are slightly cheaper than Aquarella running about 15 dollars a bottle.  I think this might be my next nail polish investment.
  4. Priti NYC – A three free nail polish company, their nail polishes are safe for pregnant women and children (according to their website).  They have a ton of colors and are seen on the pages of fashion magazines the world over.  The polishes run $12.50 a bottle on their website.  Some colors can be found in a mini version for $10 a bottle.  This is also a company I want to try.


Companies selling personal care products.

  1. NaturOli – This company is dedicated to natural cleaning products and educating their consumers about the truth about what goes on in the personal care industry.  I came across this website when I started reading about soap nuts (a.k.a. soap berries).  I’m planning on trying their soap berries for my laundry (at least the laundry I do at my parents’ house…sadly, I don’t think that soap berries would be good to use at the laundromat.).  They also have personal care products such as shampoos and face washes formulated from soap berries.  If my quest to find a good balance with baking soda and bar soap doesn’t work out, I might just try their soap nuts shampoo.
  2. Bubble and Bee Organics – Certified organic personal care products.  They seem to be best known for their pit putty, which is a safe alternative to conventional deodorant.  The pit putty even comes with a deodorant guarantee!  Now that’s standing behind your product!


I am neither rich enough, nor have enough time to review beauty products here, but I found two very good websites with makeup reviews of natural beauty products.  I can’t say that I would use all of the products listed on these sites, but they are a good place to find out more about the products that are out there.  As always, you should do your own investigation about any products that you want to use.  I use a combination of Google and the Environmental Working Group (EWG) database to figure out if a product follows my own personal rules for what I consider acceptable.

  1. Kaylin’s Kit – Written by makeup artist, Kaylin Johnson, this website reviews eco-friendly, vegetarian makeup and also has tips and tricks.
  2. Organic Beauty Talk – This website focuses on reviewing organic beauty products and educating consumers on the dangers of the ingredients found in conventional beauty products.

Whew, that’s a lot of links and a lot of words.  I hope this list is helpful to people.  I’d love to hear your take on all of this.  I’m always on the lookout for other products and companies, so comment away below.  I’m also open to questions, so ask away.


5 thoughts on “Who is the fairest of them all?

    • Nope, still haven’t had a chance to try it. I’ve been using makeup so infrequently that I just use the mascara that I still have. I do want to try it. I think I’ve heard that it’s pretty good, but can be a bit smudgy. I think that all “clean” mascaras are going to be a little smudgy, it’s just a matter of degree. I’d love to hear about whatever mascara you end up trying.

      PS Googling “100% Pure Mascara reviews” should get you some info. 🙂

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