What Are You Putting On Your Body?

You read that title right, what are you putting on your body?  Think about it. Lotions, soaps, shampoos, shaving creams, aftershaves, perfumes, colognes, water.  There is a lot of stuff that you put on your body.

I changed a lot of the things that I put on my body since going paleo.  I changed the body wash that I use to a plain, unscented soap.  I switched out my lotions for jojoba oil and coconut oil.  I use more natural toothpaste.  The one thing that I didn’t consider much until last week was makeup and perfumes.

Now, I’m a low fuss kind of woman.  I let my hair dry on its own and I rarely wear makeup.  Despite the fact that I’m a low fuss kind of person, I am still a part of the society at large and when I go out, a little jazz with some makeup is fun.  I’m not sure how I came upon it, but I was doing some Internet research about makeup and came across rms beauty.  When I read about the founder’s health problems from being constantly exposed to chemicals in her job as a makeup artist, I realized that makeup is probably a lot more dangerous than people know.

Thus, began my hunt for makeup and beauty products that are more natural.  Even though I don’t wear makeup often, I still want to know that I’m not harming my skin and body by putting makeup on.  I found out that natural does not always mean good for you and that just like eating, people have some interesting ideas about what is okay for your skin.

With all the misinformation out there, it’s pretty hard to figure out what is right and what is just commercial propaganda to sell products.  A good source of information that a lot of places refer to is the Environmental Working Group database.  They have information on all sorts of things including cosmetics.  You might be surprised to find that what you thought was better for you than the standard stuff is still not that good for you.

When it comes to cosmetics, learning that they are harming your health is probably not the easiest pill to swallow.  The most popular blogs and websites on the internet are fashion and beauty blogs.  There are a million magazines on fashion, beauty, and fitness.  As a society we are obsessed with looking good.  I don’t blame us, but to continue looking good, we have to consider what we are doing to our bodies.

I’m a haphazard internet researcher, so I encourage you to use google to find out more about healthier alternatives to the beauty products in your cabinet.  I’ll tell you what I’m doing now and what I hope my self-care routine looks like so you have an idea, but go do some research and think about how you want to change.


3 thoughts on “What Are You Putting On Your Body?

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