Mirror, Mirror

In my last post, I talked about being aware of what you’re putting on your body and how it might be affecting your health.  I figured that in this post, I’d give you an idea of the things that I’ve changed in my self-care routine so that you have a sense of how it all works.

  1. Oils are great moisturizers – You don’t need lotions with a million ingredients.  You can use a one ingredient natural moisturizer right after you take a shower or bath.  I use jojoba oil and coconut oil.  Jojoba oil is supposedly the closest to our natural skin oils and coconut oil has antiseptic properties.  Some people even use coconut oil as a deodorant.  Both smell fantastic.  You do have to leave a little bit of time for the oil to sink into your skin before you get dressed.  Since I’m not the most patient person, I usually moisturize with oils at night and put cotton pajamas on and go to sleep.  No worrying about getting my dry clean only clothes ruined and I wake up with great skin.
  2. Plain soap works for everything – I use a bar of plain soap from the co-op.  Cheap, fragrance free, and it gets me clean.  Fragrances are known for being hormone disrupters, so I try to keep those out of my self care products.  I also use plain soap for my face every once in a while and will be using it for my hair when I finish the leftover shampoo.
  3. Less is more – My body is built to take care of itself, so the less I mess with it, the healthier it’ll be.  I take fewer showers and shampoo my hair less.  Less showering means less chlorine exposure and less oil stripping.  As for shampooing, I’m hoping to find a regimen of apple cider vinegar and baking soda that works for my hair, but that hasn’t happened yet.  Currently, I just use less shampoo and shampoo less frequently.  I used to be a must shower everyday or I feel gross kind of person, but this more relaxed regimen has been good for me and my body.  I have less problems with oiliness in my hair and skin than before.
  4. I don’t need makeup – I have never been a habitual makeup wearer, but these days when I look in the mirror, I’m happy with the way I look and makeup is the farthest thing from my mind.  Of course, I do like to glam it up like any other girl if I’m going out, so I’m currently trying out natural makeup brands.  Right now I’m experimenting with rms beauty.  I bought an eye shadow of theirs.  The girls in the store that I bought the shadow at all use rms beauty products and were enthusiastic about them.  The girl helping me did up my face so I could get a sense of the products.  My conclusion is that I don’t like any foundation or foundation like products.  I’m hoping to try out the other products, but they are pricey, so one at a time.
  5. Sleep and water are necessary – I look my best if I’ve gotten enough sleep and been drinking plenty of water.  Get these two things down and you’ll look great.

That’s pretty much it.  At the end of the day, it’s plain soap, water, and oils.  That’s all I really need.  I might have missed something, so if you’re curious about whatever I missed, feel free to ask me in the comments or via e-mail.



12 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. No chlorine on our bodies…a well takes care of that. I don’t wear makeup when I stay home…I think its healthier. But when I go out, I like to look my best and use my makeup.

    • Hi Karen!

      Lucky! I wish I had the option of having well water. The water here is terrible. I agree with you about wearing makeup. I’m hoping that my research on natural makeup will yield some good alternatives to the makeup that I’m using now.

      Hope all is well over there.

  2. I forget how blessed I am to have well water!!

    Do you personally use coconut oil as a deodorant? We just bought a ton to use for oil pulling (swishing in mouth as a cleanser). I’d like to try it as a deodorant! I’ve been wanting something simple to use. I hate wearing deodorant that has a gazillion ingredients I can’t pronounce. I agree- less is more!
    Baking soda is working great for me in the shower- both for my hair and my skin. It is less drying for me than any other soap I’ve tried. Baking soda is becoming my friend 🙂
    I’ve only rinsed my hair with red wine vinegar, but will soon try apple cider when I run out of red wine.

    I also don’t wear makeup anymore, simply because I’m now a stay at home mom and hardly ever go out. But lately when I do wear makeup (eye makeup is all I’ve ever used), my eyes get itchy and feel bad. I just clicked on your rms beauty link and it’s rather interesting so far. I might look into it more.
    My husband is a Young Living Essential Oils distributor and they have a skin care line called ART. I have the foaming cleanser and loved it when I used it. It contains pure frankincense oil which has been used throughout history for maintaining healthy skin. Anyway, I haven’t used it in awhile simply because I have the most sensitive skin of any individual I’ve met (and I know why, but it’s a blog’s worth of explanation) and after the birth of my daughter, my skin was even more sensitive and I quit using most products (even though they were all natural/organic) because I couldn’t figure out what was irritating my skin so bad. However, I think I’m over it now and should start using the ART cleanser again. Other women in my family have tried it and loved it. I really want to try the day activator and night reconstructor, but I can’t justify spending that kind of money right now 🙂 If you’re interested, here’s a link:
    I wish they offered/sold sample sizes…

    Wow, I didn’t mean to write such a long comment, haha! But this blog touches on a lot of stuff I can relate to these days!

    • Hi Gracie,

      I see your comment on my about page…is that the comment that you’re talking about? If not, the comment did in fact disappear. Boo.

      Thanks for coming by and commenting and following!


      • No, I left a long comment on this post… because I posted a link, I thought perhaps it went to your spam folder? Anyways, I clicked “post” and it just vanished! Never had that happen before.

        So to summarize what I was saying…

        I love baking soda as a hair wash and body wash. It seems to work really well for me- it’s not too drying, like almost everything else is for me. I currently rinse my hair with red wine vinegar, but will soon try apple cider when I run out of red wine.
        The idea of coconut oil for deodorant is really fascinating. I told my husband that last night and he tried it. He smelled so yummy! (we have a ton of it for “oil pulling”- swishing in mouth for health benefits)

        I also do not wear makeup anymore, for the simple fact that I rarely leave the house. But I do wear makeup on stage (I’m a musician) and other events. I only ever use mascara or eye liner, but both have been bothering my eyes lately. I clicked on that rms beauty link and was really intrigued. Unfortunately, they don’t sell what I want!
        My husband is a Young Living Essential Oils distributor and they have a variety of skin care products. They have one line called ART (age refining technology) which contains pure essential oils of frankincense and sandalwood. I have the foaming cleanser and have really enjoyed it. I want to try the day activator and night reconstructor, but I can’t justify spending that kind of money right now 😉 I wish they sold sample sizes. Anyway, I guess it’s targeted for older people to reduce wrinkles, but I figure we’re all suffering from skin damage in one way or another. Prevention is the best! Hahaha. Anyway, I thought I’d share this with you in case you were interested:
        I’m going to start doing some serious blogging about essential oils. They are sooooo awesome.

        I think that’s all I commented. I might copy and save this in case it disappears again- ha!

        Anyways, I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog and look forward to new posts! 🙂

      • Hmm… check your spam folder.
        I just posted another comment and it disappeared. I have a link in the comment and I think that’s what’s screwing it up.

        I copied and saved my last comment! So if it’s not in your spam folder let me know.

      • Hi Gracie,

        I totally didn’t even think to check the spam folder! Sorry about that! I approved all of the comments and now they are all up here. 🙂

        I actually have never worn deodorant. I never found a need to. My mom, aunts, and sisters don’t either. I think some of my cousins use the crystal rock kind and like it. I’ve heard that a lot of people have pretty good results with coconut oil with or without baking soda. Some people use arrowroot powder instead of baking soda. Mostly, the powder is to soak up excess oil from what I’ve read. There are also some more natural formulations that various companies make. I’ve heard good things about a product called pit putty. I do have to say that with coconut oil the smell is the best part. 🙂

        As for makeup, I agree with you that rms beauty sadly doesn’t make any eyeliners or mascaras. I’m actually looking for those products, too, and have been doing a lot of online research. I have a million sites bookmarked and still haven’t decided on which products I want to try. I’ll try and get my crazy bookmarks list from all my online researching organized and put up a post with links and stuff in the next few days, so you can take a look and see if there is anything that could be useful to you with regards to the eyeliner and mascara dilemma. 🙂

        Thank you for the link. The body wash sounds amazing. I’ll have to see if I can get someone to give it to me as a birthday or holiday gift. hehe. I currently use plain hand made soap or baking soda for washing. I was using a shea butter body wash with lavender essential oil, which I liked, but after reading that lavender oil can cause endocrine disruption, I went back to the basics.

        Thank you for being persistent and patient with regards to the commenting problems. I’ll have to remember to check the spam folder a bit more diligently.

        I’ll try and get those natural beauty links and information up in the next couple of days.


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  5. Your comment that lavender oil can cause endocrine disruption really caught my attention. My husband and I are big supporters of pure and unadulterated essential oils, and I have never heard anything negative associated with PURE lavender oil. So I googled this issue and came across a couple blogs which raise some important questions:



    Something that should be noted is that the vast majority of lavender essential oil that is sold in America today (do you live in America? haha I don’t know!) is adulterated and synthetic forms of lavandin. Lavandin is a lavender hybrid, and has a different chemical make-up than true lavender. It’s often cut with different chemical solvents that have no smell and are simply there to increase the volume. It is then cheaply sold as “lavender oil”. This presents a huge problem, because people expecting the therapeutic results of lavender essential oil can actually harm their health by unknowingly using this cheap knock-off. For instance, lavender is great for skin conditions, but lavandin actually has high amounts of camphor which can burn the skin. In one of my oils reference books, it actually cautioned against the use of lavandin during pregnancy (not so with lavender). Possible hormone disruption? Maybe. I don’t know.

    Pure lavandin oil does have its uses, but they vary from lavender. It is a hybrid and cannot reproduce on its own, so the way I see it, it’s an inferior product. While pure lavandin might not be that problematic in many cases, the synthetic junk that’s added to it and then labeled as “lavender oil” is the real danger.

    Some essential oils can be “estrogenic”. Sclareol, a compound found in clary sage, can mimic the estrogen hormone, but only if there is a need. Many pure essential oils, and especially lavender, are able to perform many different functions, according to the specific needs of the body. They are described as being “intelligent”- going to the places in the body where they are needed, and not interfering in the areas they aren’t needed (no harmful side effects). When used appropriately, essential oils do not throw the body out of balance, but rather, they will bring the body back into balance and harmony. The same cannot be said of synthetic drugs or adulterated oils. They can actually be very harmful.

    We only use Young Living essential oils because of their excellent quality. The founder, Gary Young, had great success using pure essential oils for health issues, but discovered that most oils in America were low-quality and caused more harm than good. So he started to grow and distill his own oils, and started Young Living Essential Oils. We’ve never had any problems with using their oils- only great success!

    You’ve talked about dealing with allergies, and lavender oil (along with others) has been reported to help. My mother has been allergic to cats and dogs since her 20’s. She attended an essential oils presentation at a friend’s house who has both cats and a dog. They had lots of oils being diffused and passed around and she never once had a reaction, even with the dog sitting right next to her. Simply inhaling essential oils can have profound health benefits. I continue to be amazed the more I learn.

    Yet another long comment from me… I need to turn all my comments into blogs, haha!

    • Hi Gracie,

      Thank you for clearing that up!! I was a bit confused by the claims, but never had a chance to really look into it. I’m relieved to know that as long as the product is really “essential oil” that there aren’t any health problems to worry about. It’s interesting because this, again, proves that it’s the quality of what we are using, eating, and putting on our bodies that makes the difference more than anything else.

      I didn’t know that essential oils could do such amazing things! That is awesome. I’ll have to invest in some when I can.

      I love all your long comments!

      Hope you’re having a good one.

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