Wednesday Words

  1. I like my chocolate, coffee, and beer as dark and deep as possible.  A bartender at a bar specializing in beer this past weekend told me that “dark and deep” was not enough of a descriptor to help me pick a beer.  Who knew that a beer could taste acidic and metallic while looking like a dark and creamy Guinness?  Apparently, this can be true.  As for chocolate, I won’t eat it unless it’s dark chocolate.  I don’t like milk chocolate and I absolutely detest white chocolate (which for the record is not technically chocolate).  Coffee tastes best to me when it’s dark and smooth.  Sometimes bold works, too.
  2. Almost all the food in my house is in the fridge.  Right now, I’m focused on eating high quality fresh foods, so I have almost nothing in my freezer and the only things that go in a cupboard or pantry that I have are herbs, spices, and a couple of tins of sardines in olive oil (emergency food in case I really don’t want to cook).  The only thing in my freezer is some wild caught seafood and a couple trays of ice.
  3. I don’t like ice.  Speaking of ice, I almost never use ice.  I think the last time I used ice was to cool my freshly boiled eggs.
  4. I like white Christmas lights.  I have some strung up in my kitchen.  The lights make my kitchen look festive and give me enough light to cook by.  I don’t like the overhead lights in my kitchen right now.
  5. I’m growing wildflowers from a card. I got these little paper cutouts from a Valentine’s Day card making party last year that have flower seeds embedded in them.  I found them last week and planted them in a pot.  There is one very tiny sprout coming up.  Hopefully, the rest will sprout soon.  I’m excited to see what kinds of flowers will grow.  It’s a mystery!  (My favorite line from the movie, “Shakespeare in Love.”)

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Words

  1. We got white lights to put up in our apartment, and we loved them! And then two strings in the kitchen blew out and I’m very very very disappointed. We went through a lot of trouble getting those lights, believe it or not… haha

    • Awww. Sad. Christmas lights are so much fun! I’m surprised they blew out so fast. In college, I had some really cheap ones and they lasted me two years, I think. Usually, the lights are easier to find when it gets closer to the holidays. Are you far away from commercial big box stores that sell these kinds of things cheaply?

      • I was emphatic about having white corded white lights. I think the green ones typically look junky when used anywhere but a Christmas tree (especially when you have really pale beige walls like we do). So we called around EVERYWHERE trying to find white ones, and the only place we could find them were online from Home Depot! The local hardware and department stores didn’t carry them, and even WalMart didn’t have them surprisingly. Wait, Walmart actually might have had them, but their phones kept taking us around in circles and we never actually got to talk to anyone who knew anything about anything (not surprising for walmart…). So anyway, they were pretty cheap from Home Depot and my husband was already making an order, so we got them. The ones in the bedroom have lasted, but I don’t know what the deal was with the two strings in the kitchen… all the little bulbs were blown out. Never had that happen before…

      • I agree with you. Sometimes it can be challenging to find ones with white cords. I didn’t have problems finding them until this year and I think I found the ones I have at the grocery store. I paid much more for them than I did before, so I’m hoping that they hold up longer than the ones I’ve had in the past.

        Cheap or not, it’s disappointing to have your lights burn out.

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