Tuesday Trivia

I’m on a roll with the alliterative day of the week titles…sort of…it’s only day 2.

In any case, here we go.

  1. I need to eat more. Bet you don’t hear that often.  I haven’t been all that interested in cooking or food for that matter, so I haven’t been eating as much as I normally do. There are a bunch of recipes I want to try out, but I’m feeling a bit lazy.
  2. I’ve made chicken soup at least three times in the last two weeks. That’s how lazy I’ve been feeling. Chicken soup is something that I can do without consulting a recipe.  Chicken soup is also something that I can eat for a few meals.
  3. I had rice the last couple of days. Those of you that have been around for a bit know that I follow a paleo/primal (I think I’m going to start using ancestral) lifestyle/diet.  For most people that means no grains.  This is the first time I’ve had rice in a very long time.  I can’t always avoid rice because I’m Asian and people freak out if you say you’re not eating any rice.  That being said, eating rice doesn’t really bother me that much.  I just find that I feel less satisfied if I eat rice.  Even though I can eat rice without a problem, I can’t eat wheat.  Wheat makes me feel ridiculously sleepy…fall asleep at the wheel of the car sleepy.  No good.
  4. Drinking beer seems to be okay.  Oddly enough, even though eating wheat throws me for a loop, beer doesn’t seem to do the same thing.  When I asked my knowledgeable paleo friend about it, he said that beer has the same effect as wheat for him.  So, this is an oddity of mine.  Not that I’ll be downing a lot of beer.  Just an interesting observation.
  5. My proteins this week have been chicken and seafood.  I love seafood.  The only problem is getting fresh, wild caught seafood.  Not that easy.  That’s why I’m usually eating something else for protein.  Since I didn’t visit the farmers market this past week, I’ve been eating my frozen seafood stash from my freezer and making chicken soup. 

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