Monday Musings

  1. Getting enough sleep makes a difference. I always knew that I would feel better if I could just get enough good sleep. I’m a notoriously light sleeper, which doesn’t make for a well rested person in the morning. Lately, I have been sleeping without an alarm clock. I get up when I wake up and not when the alarm rings. I feel less stressed in the morning and I get all the sleep my body craves. I’ve also been sleeping better since I started eating paleo. So more sleep and better sleep has made a difference. Someone even said that I looked better, but they couldn’t tell me why. I’ll take it.
  2. I’m most productive in a coffee shop drinking a cup of coffee with whip cream on top. Between the caffeine boost and knowing that other people are around, I get stuff done. The only problem is that this habit adds up. I guess lost productivity is money down the drain, too.
  3. Speaking of coffee, I’d really like to break my caffeine habit. The sad truth is that I really do feel and function better with some coffee or tea. I only started my caffeine habit back up over the last few days. 
  4. I love to fly. I took a trampoline aerobics class on Friday and I loved the feeling of flying through the air. If you get a chance, try it sometime. It’s a great workout and you get to fly!
  5. I’m out of shape. Yup, that class on Friday proved how out of shape I am. Whoops. I’ve tried to get outside and walk most days, but I’ve neglected weight training and other forms of exercise for far too long. There is also seemingly very little snow everywhere this year, so snowboarding is out. (Snowboarding is also out because lift tickets cost a good amount and I’m poor this year.)
  6. Technology makes me feel confused and fragmented. Technology gives me ADD. Yes, I know that’s not very politically correct, but with smart phones, laptops, tablets, and the like, I get distracted very easily and get nothing done. The feeling is really unpleasant and makes me tired. I leave the computer home usually when I go out to do work. I feel much better the less I use my computer.
  7. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. When I’m stressed out, I obsess about very small things and become even more stressed. The way out is to treat myself in some way. Usually, I like to get a massage. I get a guaranteed three good nights of sleep when I’ve seen my massage therapist. A cheaper method is a bubble bath or some sort of beauty product infused soak in the tub. 

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