Winter Food Shopping

Admittedly, I am suffering from a funk of epic proportions, so I’m not exactly feeling the holiday spirit or excited about much lately, but winter food shopping leaves much to be desired.  Even from an objective standpoint.

Today, I went to the farmer’s market as usual and other than buying a massive amount of yogurt and a few leeks, there was not much to buy.  So selection is a problem.  The other problem is that an outdoor market in this neck of the woods at this time of year means that you’re looking at produce and products that are frozen cold.  I’m pretty sure that my leeks will not be edible and I will have wasted a couple of dollars.  We’ll find out soon enough.

Wintermarket is somewhat better as the market is indoors, but selection is limited.  There are very few vendors and most of them are selling things I either don’t eat or eat very sparingly.  I’m glad that there is a wintermarket, but winter is not a fun season for produce.

This will be my first winter eating paleo and it will be interesting to figure out how to source foods.  I will probably continue my farmers market and wintermarket habit, but those will be quick trips to get one or two items.  In some ways going might not be worth it, but I like the constancy and habit of going every week.  I think there will be a much heavier reliance on the co-op and probably even more grocery store shopping.  Unfortunately, I think that winter might require a heavier reliance on foods from much farther away.  I suppose that living in a cold clime sort of necessitates that.

We shall see what happens.  I definitely appreciate and enjoy the warmer, growing seasons more with the onset of winter.


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