Please Consult Your Physician – Part 2

I saw this video and watched it at That Paleo Guy.  Right now, this video is all over the paleo world and I’m late to the party.  I usually am.  I like to make an entrance.

I know that there are a lot of people cheering about the fact that paleo and primal thinking is slowly infiltrating the medical community.  I’m happy, too.  There is still a long way to go, though, and I think that Dr. Wahls’ story (here and here) highlights the damage that conventional medical knowledge can cause to a person.  In the medical community, we call it iatrogenic problems.

What is striking to me about Dr. Wahls’ story (here and here) is that she is on the faculty of a major medical university and in all likelihood due to her professional standing has access to the best that medicine has to offer in terms of medical interventions.  However, her condition, multiple sclerosis (MS), got progressively worse and not better.  It was only after she did a lot of digging on her own and through “non-medical” sources, that she was able to heal herself.

Now, through her own experiences, she has developed a protocol that is being tested in clinical trials.  Hopefully, the results are promising and will prompt other people in medicine to consider the advice they are giving about eating habits.  I know that the people that I meet and discuss my eating habits with are often skeptical at best.  Usually, they don’t much care.

If you’re like me and hate videos, you might not have even bothered to watch the video at the top.  I encourage you to take 20 minutes and watch the video.  This is paleo eating advice from an M.D.  Not only is it exciting stuff, but it’s good to hear and for those who are out to heal the world, a must watch.


2 thoughts on “Please Consult Your Physician – Part 2

    • Ha ha. It took me a couple of times to actually finish the video myself. I’m not naturally inclined to watch videos on my computer. I do think it’s an interesting and compelling story worth watching though. 🙂

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