Wheat Wars

After my “bender” before Thanksgiving, I figured I’d worked out all my need to break rules and eat junk.  Well, the whole Thanksgiving is a great paleo/primal holiday didn’t end up working out as well as I would have liked.

I ended up at a social function that included food and given the amount of money I was paying to be at the event, there was no way I was turning down the food.  The appetizers and salad were more or less paleo compliant (just leave out the bread), but it was the Alsatian Tarte Flambées (aka French Pizza) that did me in.  Finished off with a pumpkin pie that tasted like it was spiked with amaretto and my night was one big wheat fest.

Now, when I went on my little bender a couple of weeks back, I didn’t suffer too many ill effects other than wondering what my problem was and some icky-ness from a bad combination of food and beer.  This time was a little bit different.  (I warn you now to stop reading if you are uncomfortable with bodily functions or anything of the sort…not that I will be overly graphic, but I still felt a duty to warn.)  I ended up having quite a bit of gas and feeling very out of sorts for a good 24 hours following said event.  While the food was tasty, I now know without a doubt what a wheat binge will bring.  I’m sure there is a critical point of how much wheat tips me over into the bad side effects range, but really, if I wasn’t convinced before not to eat wheat, I think this pretty much seals the deal.

On a better note, my family was pretty helpful is trying to help me remain paleo compliant.  My sister would fix me and my mom a plate of food instead of making us sandwiches, which she was making for everyone else.  There were a couple of times where I had some wheat – namely fresh NY bagels one morning.  I couldn’t pass them up entirely, but I didn’t eat my usual whole bagel with cream cheese.  Just a piece of my sister’s bagel.

I’d really like the rest of my family to move more towards a paleo way of eating, but so far it’s just my mom and I.  I mean carbs like fresh NY bagels are hard to give up on a crisp fall morning.  I’m not going to lie.  However, I know firsthand what wheat will do to me.  The wheat wars will continue I’m sure.  And I’m sure that there will be more times in the future when I’m not as paleo as I want to be.  This is reality.


4 thoughts on “Wheat Wars

  1. I think I’m gonna have to quit wheat now too, Ive heard too much dirt on it lately and think I’m starting to notice some undesirable health effects. I don’t know how much sourdough helps in minimizing wheat’s evil characteristics. I’m moving on to rye sourdough next. Rye has no gluten. Sounds better?
    My baby wants to say hi: gghhvvvvvv uiunkkjkgg

    It’s very hard to type with an 8 month old in your lap.

    • I’ve actually heard a lot of different things about wheat. Some people think that eliminating wheat for a limited period of time can help make positive changes in the body and then it’s okay to eat wheat again. Paleo/primal people think it’s best avoided in all forms. And still others, think that using sprouted grains avoids the problems of conventional wheat products. I’m thinking that it all comes down to each person’s individual biology. I’ve found that I feel better without wheat. I didn’t notice too many problems during my trip abroad eating wheat, but I did find that I needed to eat more often or I’d get headaches or feel weak. So, I definitely prefer to eat paleo/primal.

      That being said, I’m totally jealous of your breadmaking. I remember when we had a breadmaker, the bread tasted amazing, so I can only imagine just how good the bread that you are making from scratch is!

      Aww, hello baby! Nice to meet you. 🙂

      I think pretty much doing anything with an 8 month old in your lap is probably challenging. My cousin’s youngest kid is about a year old and she’s rather grabby about everything. She is totally cute, though, with a disarming smile.

      Well, keep me updated on what you decide to do regarding wheat and if you ever do a trial run of being wheat free. 🙂

      • Wheat free trial began about 2 weeks ago… I think I feel better mentally, but feeding baby solid foods is also changing my hormones I think so I’m a little all over the place as it is… but I think cutting the wheat is making it much less dramatic.
        After I finish this batch of rice I just made I’m also going to try going grain-free for about a month. I’ve done it before, for about 3-4 months two years ago. Of course, at that time I didn’t even eat fruit- I was on a candida yeast-starvation diet. I did really well. But I haven’t been that carb-less since then.
        Anyway, I’ve long known that me and grains don’t really do that well, even eating fruit on an empty stomach makes me sick at times. I do best on high protein/fat, low carb diet.

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