Things Not To Do On A Sunday Morning

Happy Standard Time!  (I’m not really that excited since I’m always aggravated every year that the “extra hour” somehow slips away from me and takes with it another hour or two.)

The weather is gorgeous here today.  After a few days of bitterly cold overnights with highs barely in the 50s, we’re going to see somewhere close to 60 today before the day is out.  So they say.  I can feel that it’s warmer already this morning, though.  The sun is bright and warm and the sky blue.  Makes me happy.  Planning on a walk with a friend later today.  Before that point, I need to get my apartment cleaned and get my a/c out of my window and then my neighbor’s as well (we’re doing a swap), cook for the week, write a paper for tomorrow (groan), and hopefully get some photos up on Funny Eater.  I would also like to get some reading in, but that seems unlikely.  The weekend is too short.

Anyway, I went to my beloved Farmer’s Market yesterday (see all my finds here) to find vendors missing (I don’t blame them, it was hovering around the freezing mark for a good few hours in the morning) and people shifted around.  What’s worse is that my vegetable go to people are gone now for the winter.  Whatever will I do?!  Back to the grocery store and co-op I suppose, but the variety is never as good or as tasty.  And, as much as I love California, I prefer not to be eating food that has traveled a million miles to get to me.  (More like a few thousand, but it’s all the same after a point.)

So this morning, I actually headed off to the grocery store.  I don’t yet need produce, but I need to stock up on water (sadly, I can’t drink the tap water in this town) and other things that I can’t readily buy at the co-op.  I did stop by the co-op as well as I was salivating yesterday over two recipes (here and here)and hoping to cook them up today.  Without wild boar (which I swear I’ve seen before at the grocery store), I think I’ll only get to one.  Actually half of one, since my eyes bugged out at the price of skirt steak.  To its credit, it is grass fed.

I usually know better than to go to the grocery store on a Sunday morning, I made that mistake before, but I think I was delusional from the time change and headed off anyway to find the parking lot packed with cars and people in shopping cart jams in the narrow aisles.  So I learned some things this morning.

    1. Never go grocery shopping on a Sunday morning unless you enjoy crowded aisles, having to make sure that you aren’t being run over by other people’s carts, and standing in long checkout lines (I actually shouldn’t complain since I got lucky today and was out within half an hour including shopping time).
    2. Furthermore, do not go grocery shopping on a Sunday morning when you haven’t eaten a hearty breakfast.  Not only are you delusional, you might find yourself buying just about everything that looks good in sight.  Yes, I bought things that weren’t on my grocery list today.  I reined myself in a bit, but even that was a monumental effort in my unfed state.
    3. Do not go grocery shopping at an unfamiliar grocery store especially on a Sunday morning.  I have a preference for a particular location of a local grocery store chain and thinking that I should stop being stubborn and start shopping at the closer location, I headed there.  Big mistake.  Not only did they not have what I needed, I had a hard time figuring out where those things were.  Add all the crazy Sunday morning shoppers and you have one aggravated person, me.
    4. Do not wake up late if you have things to do.  In my head, the idea of sleeping in seems lovely and luxurious, but I inevitably find every time I let myself sleep in, that I’m actually more aggravated that it’s already halfway through the morning.  It also means that if I had woken up as early as I had originally planned, the grocery store might not have been bursting at the seams.  
Really, the moral of today’s story is that grocery shopping on a Sunday morning is an unnecessary stressful event.  Next weekend, I plan on having a wonderfully luxurious Sunday morning that is not spent grocery shopping, but enjoying my morning with a good cup of coffee and wonderfully tasty fresh cooked breakfast and a jaunt outdoors.  I’ll probably have to wear a good number of layers to go out, but no matter.  I have a much deeper appreciation for the outdoors now that I spend most of my time inside and far away from windows.

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