Eating Out

I really try not to be a pain about eating when I’m eating out with other people or eating out in general. If it’s easy to keep out the grains or other non-paleo food items, then I do it. If not, I refrain from being a pain in the butt.

Mostly, I just don’t eat out. I never liked eating out and eating paleo, I like eating out even less.

Well, tonight was one of those nights where I ended up going out to eat and I went with the flow. The thing is that I never realized how foggy headed I could get from eating things that are not paleo. The meal was no means paleo, but I’ve been keeping on the straight and narrow, so I figured this would be okay.

I was very wrong. After eating, I was feeling very confused and foggy headed and I was thinking to myself maybe my caffeine from this morning wore off.

As I’m driving home in my fog, I realized that I was probably foggy from all the non-paleo foods (read flour in this case) that I consumed. It wasn’t a huge meal, but a lot more grain product than I’ve had in almost four months. I didn’t realize that it could nearly put me in a coma!

Once I realized what the problem was I downed a whole bottle of water on the spot to try and dilute everything down. That seemed to help a little bit, but boy, I’m not doing that again.

It’s an interesting journey this paleo lifestyle. I haven’t had any problems before with eating a piece of something made with flour, but something about tonight’s combination did not go over well at all.

I’m putting myself to sleep and hoping that I won’t feel too many ill effects in the morning. Sheesh!


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