Day 15

So, the whole resolutions thing has completely left my mind.  I only got reminded when I checked to see what I last wrote.  In updates…

I am doing much better about not watching online TV.  I’ve gone from must watch it, to don’t need to watch it.  I’m still watching a show here and there, but it has lost its appeal.  Yay!

I am not getting as much sleep as I would like and stress sleeping again.  Stress sleeping is when I’m tense while I’m sleeping.  This happens when I’m under stress.  Studying and my looming exam is stressful, so for now, I’m not going to worry too much about it.  I’m also not sleeping enough, probably between the stress and drinking a bit more caffeine than I should.  Oh well…two more weeks and I’ll be done with the exam stress and hopefully, we can find a better balance then.

Caffeine, I already told you about.  I’m trying to stick to a morning cup of coffee with afternoon supplementation as needed.  Going out for a run usually seems to help clear my mind better than a cup of coffee or tea, so that’s what I’ve been trying to do instead of reaching for that second cup of caffeination.

That’s about all for updates for now.

Hope everyone is enjoying their October.


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