Day One

There is nothing like a good massage to get me balanced again.  Yesterday, I went to my massage therapist with a raging headache that even two Aleve couldn’t touch and I came home feeling much better.  I also slept much better last night and woke up without too much trouble this morning.  I was in a good mood and got my butt out the door to make the farmer’s market on the early side.

So far today, I’ve been doing one thing at a time and I feel pretty good.

I also noticed that I have less bags under my eyes this morning.  Yay!

Time to let this feeling of productivity have it’s head and go with it.  More updates later.

PS  Check out the farmer’s market finds of this week over at Funny Eater.  I couldn’t resist the pumpkin yogurt, so that’s the one thing on my list of resolutions from yesterday that go modified the instant I saw pumpkin.  I couldn’t resist.  I only bought one…I promise.  🙂


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