So I’ve been thinking…

I’ve been thinking about just writing one blog.  I have this weird compartmentalization need that makes me want to write a different blog for every different thing, but when things overlap, I get confused.  I’m thinking about putting everything on Funny Eater, but I still haven’t decided on it fully.  I guess I’d like a blog title that sort of encompasses everything or isn’t really just one thing, then again, does it matter?

In other news, I’ve forgone the primal challenge.  It’s not my style and I’ve been experimenting with some dairy lately.  I’m more focused on getting my other life things in order, so no primal challenge for me.  It’s fun to read the posts though.

I just got back from the farmer’s market and today is a beautiful day out, so after a little cleaning and getting all my market goodies washed and photographed, I’m thinking of spending a meditative afternoon outside somewhere doing some journaling and relaxing.

I keep thinking that I need to be more up and energetic, but I think that ultimately, I need some down and peacefulness.



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