I have not been the best about blogging lately, not to mention that I haven’t been the best about my diet lately either.  Sigh.  In fact, I haven’t been very good about much of anything lately and this, my friends, is my confessional post.

First off, what I’ve been doing well, for the most part since I have been back in the school swing of things, I have actually managed to maintain my diet pretty well.  I have not really eaten out much and have resisted the temptation of foods and candies offered to me most of the time.  I’m very happy about this.

However, in the last week I have eaten out a bunch of times on the occasion of having my parents visiting and not really feeling motivated to cook and have colored outside the lines more than I really should.  The amount of carbs and things I should not eat but did is really of not nice proportions.

I believe that my body is now protesting all of this abuse.  So it has not been the best of weeks.  I also find myself feeling sort of puffy as a result of my bad eating.

I am back on track, but now I’m feeling lazy, which is not very good.  I did shop for food today at the local farmer’s market and at the grocery store.  I’m considering a jaunt to a farmer’s market an hour away next weekend because I’m told that it is an experience.  We’ll see.  I’m not much in the way motivated to drive lately either.  I think that’s probably good.

My friend posted on facebook about the primal challenge over at Mark’s Daily Apple.  I read the post myself before seeing her facebook status about doing it.  I’m thinking about it, but also don’t want to be derailed from studying because I’m having way more fun participating in the challenge.

If I do the challenge, I probably want to overhaul a lot of things in the next month including my sleeping and exercise.  My sleeping has been all over the place, although I am noticing that I seem to be sleeping better than I used to before I started eating paleo.  So that’s good.  I haven’t exercised since I started school.  I have done a lot of running around at the hospital and standing on my feet, but other than that and walking to and from the hospital, I have not worked out.  I am very, very sad and concerned about this lack of exercise.

On the other hand, I did manage to squeeze in two massages to keep my equilibrium.  So, win some and lose some.

I’m thinking that I will do the challenge, but with my modifications and try to do the challenge without feeling like I need to keep up with the challenge online.  We’ll see.

Anyone else doing the challenge?

PS I saw a stall selling rabbit meat today at the farmer’s market.


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