Much Better

So, I feel much better today.  It took all of yesterday and today to get to a happier state, but after dragging myself out to the grocery store, doing some work when I got home, and then finding the energy to cook, I feel much better.  Having a fridge stocked with food for the week makes me feel much happier.  Now, I know I won’t starve and I will be eating the way I want to eat.

Check out what I’m eating this week over at Funny Eater.  There is a great cold salad I made from a recipe on Purely Primal that you just have to try.  I subbed out those pesky nightshade tomatoes for some red cabbage and it turned out great.  Really, you should go and make some….NOW!  🙂

Off to get some more cleaning and work done.

Have a great week!

Ready for some normalcy

Relative normalcy that is.  I’ve not had the best of schedules over the last few weeks.  Between staying up whole nights or working long days of 14-16 hours and having a completely variable schedule with nights and days flip flopping all over the place, I’m ready for the next few weeks where I get to have a more normal schedule.  Still long hours, but predictable “normal” hours that are mostly during regular business hours.

As fun as the last few weeks were for me, I’m looking forward to being able to follow my circadian rhythm more closely and knowing that I can sleep consistently every night.  I am looking forward to calming my body down and having a schedule (as much as I resist having a schedule…somehow that whole idea of being scheduled makes me feel boxed in and robotic).  I’m pretty sure that between the stress of things that are going on in my life outside work and the unpredictable work schedule with very erratic sleep patterns not to mention the huge sleep deficit have probably spiked my cortisol to unacceptable levels.

I am also looking forward to checking out the farmer’s market.  I thought about doing that today, but I didn’t end up doing that.  Why you ask?  Well, for one thing I was coming off a night shift and even though I was feeling relatively awake after having gotten a good few hours of sleep (the first and last time I got sleep while on an overnight…thank you wonderful mission control person), I wasn’t feeling up to driving or going by myself.  Going new places by myself requires a certain amount of energy and I wasn’t up to it today.  Granted, I’m sad that I won’t be indulging in wonderful, season, local produce, but I think I’ll be okay for another week.

I have managed to continue eating paleo with some modifications.  I added in full fat yogurt the last few weeks because I wanted to get my fruit in and I hate eating my fruit plain.  I don’t know why, but the yogurt helps me eat berries and the like.  I also put some honey in my yogurt.  I know that it probably spiked my blood sugar some, but oh well.  I was also drinking coffee pretty consistently.  Not exactly the baseline I want to be at, but I do love coffee and it was so necessary to keep me awake.  Other than that, I stayed completely paleo.  Yay!

The really weird thing about eating paleo is that now that I’m in the hospital, I find myself faced with situations where I really want to tell people that they’re wrong.  I had someone senior to me tell me one morning about how terrible it was that people had no concept of calories and good nutrition and the like and I really had to sit on my hands and tune out a little bit because I just don’t subscribe to conventional wisdom anymore.  Actually, I never really fully embraced the whole conventional anything.  I’m a funny duck in a very traditional thinking and acting field.  (I do wonder what I got myself into just about every minute of every day…but that’s really not a story for now.)

Not only are patients having weight problems, but almost everyone that I have worked with recently has talked about their weight, eating habits, and diets.  One of the things that I really don’t want to happen to me in my career path is for me to gain weight.  I gain weight every time I’m in school.  I think it must be all the stress and the sitting.  Whatever it is, I’m heavier when I’m going to school.

Last year, I started on a quest to make sure that I was keeping things in check and staying healthy.  I went on a crazy spree of working out twice a day, being at the gym 6 days a week, and eating an almost purely vegetarian, high fiber diet.  At first I was feeling stronger, but then after a couple of months, I felt like I was getting fatter and not leaner.

With paleo, I eat what I want (that is within the boundaries of paleo) and even if I don’t get a chance to exercise, I still do okay.  I don’t feel terrible.  I’m hoping these next few weeks I’ll find a better equilibrium and get some walking in.  Maybe some other soothing exercise.  Sprints and weights will get their due.  In addition, I scheduled myself a massage.  The one great thing about being at school is that I have a great massage therapist.  It’s one of the few things that is getting me through school.  I know it’s an indulgence, but it’s so necessary for me.  Not only is it relaxing, but it helps me sleep, which is huge for me.

Well, this has been sort of a rambling post and I really do need to do some serious work and then get my butt to bed so I can get my body back into a good sleep schedule.  I can’t wait.

Till next time.  I hope everyone is well.


This summer I had become accustomed to being able to find protein sources for a relatively good price and in good quantities.  I have been spoiled.  Now that I’ve moved, I’ve been dropped back into reality – the reality where meat is actually quite expensive.  I guess it’s a good thing that I only have to feed myself.

In other meat news, I did find some interesting meats that I haven’t tried before.  I bought some bison steaks.  I already have bison meatballs that my sister made for me in the fridge…yay!  I also bought some feral swine sausages.  Quite pricey, but a new experience.  Then I bought your standard chicken and roast beef.

Any suggestions for other “different” meats for me to try?  (Recipes are good, too).

I’m Back…sort of

So, I finally have internet that is all mine and things are relatively together.  When I say relatively, I really mean that.  I still don’t know where half my clothes are and where any of my papers are, but I know where the important things that I need to function are, so that’s enough for me right now.  It’s going to be a long road to getting everything to a state of being able to do without thinking.

I realize that I wrote that first paragraph without any background.  I have moved and am back into the swing of things career/academic wise, so that’s why I don’t know where half my clothes are.

My first week back I moved and got sort of organized over three crazy days.  Only made possible by the awesomeness and dedication of my mom and sister.  Super big thank you!  In my sleep deprived state, I started on a crazy schedule of 14 plus hour days where I’m running around and on my feet all day.  It’s been fun, but there is not nearly enough time to get sleep and all the documentation done that needs to be done in the remaining hours of the day.

Lack of time brings me to the the point of this whole post…food and sleep.  Let’s start with food, since I just ate breakfast.  (I have to apologize for the lack of photos…hopefully sometime soon I’ll be much more into the swing of things and remember to take and post photos.)  I just had some bacon and a scramble of eggs, zucchini, and sweet onion fried in the bacon fat (I want to say grease, but that makes it sound disgusting.).  Super good.  I hadn’t realized that I was hungry this morning, I haven’t been eating enough food between running around and then being way too tired to even care about eating.

This is the first time I’ve used the bacon fat to cook something and I actually like it.  I’m surprised because I never was a huge fan of bacon and well, I avoided fats like the plague for most of my life (with the exception of olive oil).  From four pieces of bacon, I had enough fat to make a six egg scramble so I put most of it aside for breakfasts later on this week.  I’m trying to plan ahead here.

The eating has not been perfect by any means.  In fact, I’ve had potatoes, pizza, and pasta all in the last week.  I know, terrible, but I had to go with what was made and given to me.  When you aren’t eating at all from lack of cooked food, eating whatever is there seems like a better alternative than not eating at all.

I’m hoping that this week, if I can get moving here this morning, I can have a bunch of food cooked and stocked in the fridge.  This way I can have things to bring with me to eat and things to eat when I get home.

I’m on lovely night shifts this week.  Not really interested in having a messed up sleep schedule since I feel completely dense when I’m awake as it is now, so trying to keep myself up for the rest of this week sounds not so fun.

In an attempt to help myself sleep for night shifts, I bought some blackout curtains yesterday and hung those up in the bedroom.  They aren’t perfect since they are a little bit narrow, but they do the trick.  The windows already have mini blinds in them, so it gets dark enough to sleep.

I also scheduled myself for a massage.  I think I’m going to be needing more of those this year I think.  My legs and feet are so unhappy with wearing clogs all the time.  I really want to wear my barefoot shoes, but in the interest of keeping all my toes and protecting myself from germs, I gave in and started wearing the clogs that everyone else wears.

Okay, I was totally going to write something more interesting, but I’m feeling the sort of zombie brain coming on, so I’m stopping here.  I’ll try to keep things up on here, but I can’t make any promises.  Be back as soon as I can.  🙂


Topsy Turvy

Been under a lot of stress lately.  Most of it has been good stress, but boy, do people really annoy me sometimes.  Things are in the process of getting sorted out and what with moving and all, I’m still getting things organized.  So, I’ll be back sometime soon.  Just don’t miss me too much while I’m gone.  🙂