So, here is something interesting…I didn’t realize until today that my blog title said Forks in the Crossroad but my web address is forksinthecrossroads.wordpress.com.  Wow.  Way to miss that one.  My e-mail is also without the s.  So folks, don’t be confused, I made everything with an “s” now except for the e-mail address.  Just not going to change that one.  Guess I need to pay closer attention around here.  Goodness.

(It’s okay to laugh, it’s pretty funny.)



** Edit: so it turns out that I ended up making two e-mail addresses and I do own the one with the s and without the s.  So, yeah.  Don’t worry about it.  Just have a good hearty laugh about this one.**


2 thoughts on “Uhh…

  1. Sometimes my iPad makes corrections for me but I don’t notice it until later. Then I realize the iPad put in a totally wrong word. Glad you got your problem fixed.

    • I have the same problem with sending text messages or writing e-mails from my phone. It’s really annoying sometimes to have to keep going back and correcting everything. I am glad that everything is sorted out, too. I do have to figure out what to do about the double e-mail addresses now though.

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