Eats on the Road

I was at my best friend’s wedding last weekend.  It was a beautiful wedding and I had a good time.  Eating was however a little bit of a challenge.  Made only more challenging by the lack of a car.  (I’m a poor student and if I can save 100 bucks, I will…although I was jealous of all those people who had jobs and could afford means of personal transport.)  The one good thing was that there was a grocery store practically next store and it was of the Trader Joe’s variety.

I don’t think I need to talk about how difficult it is to find food out in the big bad world away from a kitchen and a good weekly farmer’s market.  (for the record I tried to go to the local farmer’s market there and then got the day wrong and ended up missing it…sad.)  Plenty of other people have said so.  Instead, we’re going on a little food tour here of some of the hits and misses of this trip.  I did promise my friend that I would eat at least a bite of everything for her, so there was a good amount of non-paleo eating going on.

Flying all day, I downed a coconut water on the way to the airport and then took a whole bag of goodies with me – beef jerky, roasted sweet potatoes, a bag of roasted (but not salted) almonds, some fruit.  I didn’t end up eating any airport food.  It was just all too gross looking.

Once I got in, I had dinner at the hotel restaurant.  I’m sure the dressing was not a friendly olive oil but some sort of vegetable oil, but I hate being picky and annoying to waiters, so I just went with what was the closest to paleo.  No picture of this one.

Breakfast the next day, I went for a lengthy jaunt and happened upon a Le Pain Quotidian.  I was tired and didn’t really want to figure out a better option since most places seemed closed, so I went with it.  I had an expensive spinach and goat cheese frittata.  I couldn’t find anything without dairy, so it ended up being a more primal meal.

I ended up picking out the tomatoes from the frittata (I had no idea that there were tomatoes involved) since I’m trying to avoid nightshades.  I left all the bread.  I felt bad wasting food, but I took a good sniff of the bread and didn’t find myself really interested.

Ta da!  All finished.  Oddly enough, I thought I had posted from my phone with the above picture, but it turns out that I have no idea what I’m doing and that post never appeared on the blog.

Lunch, I made do with left over foods that I had brought with me on my trip and a packet of tuna that I bought from the store.  Tuna and half a sweet potato with some almonds.  Not the most appetizing of meals, but I was tired and I really didn’t need much more food.

Dinner was pizza with a bunch of people.  I had some pizza and mostly just picked off the cheese and toppings.  I didn’t end up eating much since I wasn’t really hungry and I wasn’t all that interested in eating pizza.  I’m sure all the people sitting with me thought I was weird and wasteful for having a bunch of left over crust and bread on my plate.  No picture of pizza…not like you really needed one.

We headed out for the bachelorette party afterwards and since I barely had any dinner, I needed some fortifications before having a drink, so I had a squid and artichoke plate from the bar.  Tasty.  You can also see my tasty drink peeking out from the top of the photo.  I had a bourbon peach crush.

Hotel restaurant breakfast the next day was awesome in terms of paleo.  Not the best tasting food, but the waiter was helpful and when I told him no toast, he offered me fresh fruit instead.  Yay!

Didn’t really have lunch…had a banana and some raspberries.  Then for dinner, it was a wedding dinner.  I had at least a taste of everything, including all the desserts, but mostly, I tried to stick to eating paleo friendly foods.

There was originally more salad on that plate, but I didn’t remember to take a picture until after I had eaten some food.  Skipping lunch does that to a girl.  I later had some desserts and cake.  No pictures of those.  I had to eat cake, it was my best friend’s wedding.  The food was good.  I never expect wedding food to be good, but it was good.  🙂

The next morning, I went to the store next door and stocked up on some beef and buffalo jerky, freeze dried fruit (with no sulfur or preservatives!), and macadamia nuts for my trip home.

I used the leftover macadamia nuts to make this a couple of days later.  And that’s my vacation in food pictures.



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