On Being Tired

So, this whole I’m tired thing and if I don’t take a nap, I walk around feeling like a zombie thing is really not doing it for me.  You’ve heard me talk about sleep a million times (here, here, and here).  I keep trying to figure out how to have more energy during the day.  It was one of the reasons I started eating this way.

Well, I decided that this has to stop.  I googled and sifted through a couple of websites (did I tell you that computer screens make me tired?  I hate looking at screens, but it’s so necessary right now.  Ugh.) and came up with my list of why I’m tired.

    1. low carb flu – apparently some people after going low carb or being low carb get low carb flu.  Errr…well that doesn’t sound like much fun.
    2. not enough sleep – you knew this one was on the list after I kept harping on it.
    3. not eating enough – some people don’t eat enough calories eating this way
    4. stress – I’m more stressed than I want to admit and so I’m more tired and maybe also sleeping to avoid (the sleeping to avoid part didn’t seem likely, but I put it up here anyway).

Well, I couldn’t really decide what the problem was.  So, I found my trusty, smart, experienced Paleo friend online and told him I was tired and I hate having to nap.  After asking me some questions, he was like okay, I think you probably need more fats.  He also said that I might still not be in fat burning mode, so my body is still trying to adjust.  Darn it!  I wanted to be all energetic and awesome, now!  (Well, actually yesterday, but impatience is really not going to help out here.)

So, at the recommendation of my friend, I’m getting my extra fats via some olive oil with every meal.  I could have done it a different way, but downing a spoonful of olive oil was way easier than the other options.  We’ll see what happens.  If I feel more energetic then I need more fats in my diet (and more calories it would seem).  If that doesn’t help, I might just have to tough this tired thing out.  Double darn it.

I guess it’s better to do this now than when I need to be awake for hours and hours and on spot about stuff.  At least in theory.  So, for now, down the oil, take naps as necessary, and just deal is my plan.  Sigh.

Yeah, this paleo/primal thing isn’t always a walk in the park.  Just thought you should know.  It is thought, great overall, so don’t go pointing fingers at my blog saying that I said it was tough or terrible.  I love eating this way and feel better and so does my mom, who is doing this with me.  We have both notice nice subtle differences.  It’s just that this adjustment period seems to be hitting me pretty hard.

I’ll be relieved, happy, and excited when I’m through this phase and my body becomes a fat burning machine.  I’ll let you know when it happens.  I’ll probably be so excited at that point my post will be in all caps.  Haha.

Have a great day!


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