It is beautiful day

It is a beautiful and breezy day here.  After all the heat and humidity we have been having, it’s a nice change.  The only problem is that I’m feeling lazy and sort of out of it.  I blame the lack of sleep.  Maybe a nice nap is in order.  I really do need to get myself back on track after all the hullaballoo of the last couple of weeks.

Did a quick swing by at the Farmer’s Market this morning and got some Romano beans, spring onions, summer spinach, sunburst squash, zucchini, and rainbow carrots.  I am trying to find other ways to get color into our diet since we’re going to try and avoid the nightshade family of plants.  I don’t think that we’ll be able to completely get away from nightshades since hot chili pepper is used a lot in our ethnic cuisine, but we’re going to try and dial it back as much as possible.  We’re still finishing up a bag of small sweet peppers that come in red, yellow, and orange, but after that, we’ll see how it goes.

All right…photos to come after I get myself straightened out.


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