Cravings and Challenges

When I started eating paleo, I was enamored with the close to the earth eating philosophy, the novelty of it, and how great it all tasted.  I had a good time shopping and cooking food.  I didn’t really find myself missing anything that I thought I would miss.  I was too busy enjoying how tasty everything was.

This week has been a bit different.  You might have guessed from some of my posts that things have been challenging around here on the lifestyle front.  Sleeping and stress being the two big issues.  There have been some issues on the eating front as well – namely, cravings.  With a big capital C.

I’m not the kind of person that has cravings or really wants to eat something, but now it’s like I want to eat everything that is not paleo.  I want to eat chewy pasta noodles and eat a fluffy cake.  Bread, I’m not missing too much – never did eat a whole lot of that in the first place.  I don’t really miss the yogurt and the milk or any other dairy products for that matter.

I told my experience paleo friend about how I suddenly found myself wanting to eat noodles and cake.  He sagely told me to resist temptation and to deal with it.  Cravings are a part of this deal.  Sigh.  I think that if I were a little farther along on this journey, I would give in to a little bit of something, but right now, I don’t want to mess a good thing up.

Plus, I already had a bit of a cheat meal yesterday by having soft tofu stew.  Granted, I ate mostly the seafood and the grilled meat that we ordered, but still tofu is still a heart legume.  I was just too tired to bother yesterday and I really needed a change up so I decided to just go and eat.  It was my best option for eating out without going too far off the plantation.

Now, I’m sure some of you are thinking that I could whip up some bread type or cake type concoctions that are paleo, but I’m really not into making things that resemble other things.  I much prefer to eat things the way they are meant to be eaten.  Although, at this point my cravings are bad enough, that I did consider scouring local health food stores for almond flour and attempting paleo baking.

I guess the biggest problem is that a little bit of boredom has set in.  If you know me at all, you’ll know that I’m deathly allergic to boredom.  As in anaphylactically so.  (And yes, I do make up my own words and I knowingly do that, so don’t go all word police on me.)

So the solution would be to break out of my boredom rut.  Read me some good paleo recipes and get going.  Really, I probably should get some real sleep.  In any case, eating paleo is not all peaches and roses folks.  Just thought you should realize that.  It’s good stuff, paleo, but it’s not utopia all the time.

Breaking out of this rut suggestions would be appreciated from those with more experience.  🙂


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