Doing What’s Right for You

The thing that I really like about paleo/primal as represented on most of the popular websites and blogs is the focus on doing what’s right for you. It’s all about being self-ful. I got that from a book I read a long time ago, probably back in high school.

The thing about the way the world operates and educates right now is that there is a focus on conformity. There is a focus on following the rules. Doing something different from other people and you get weird looks. Curious at best, mean and condemning at the worst.

I’m a strong proponent of doing what’s right for you. I have been suffering through broken education systems focusing on conformity instead of accessibility and doing what’s right for the student.

I think that it’s easy to say that big systems are broken. It’s easy to day what’s wrong. However, doing what’s right for you on a daily basis can be more challenging.

This world is not easy. Judgment reins supreme.  For example, you might be really tired and you really just need a nap.  The problem is instead of taking the nap that you need to refresh, you plug on refilling your coffee cup and depleting yourself.

I realize that looking back, I felt the best about myself and the best about my life when I was doing what was right for me.  Doing what I liked.  I’m not saying that I never did things that I didn’t like.  Life isn’t like that.  There are things that you have to do that you don’t like to do.  We all have those things.  We should however, look to do more things that make us feel good and are right for us than not.

It’s a big thought, a big discussion.  There are so many parts to doing what’s right for you.  I feel good that I started with something – eating – but, I want my whole life to reflect this idea of doing what’s right for you.  We all say do what’s right for you, but I think that few of us actually live that way.  A combination of societal influences and education that tells you otherwise is usually a big part of that problem.



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