Interesting Toothpaste Update

So yesterday, I was talking about toothpaste and triclosan.  Well, I’m not sure how it happened, but I was surfing the Internet (mostly out of avoidance…yeah, I know, bad habit) and over at paleohacks found out about tooth soap.  Totally, intriguing.

I am looking for triclosan free alternatives for my mouth hygiene and I already have a few on tap.  I have a propolis toothpaste and my mom brushes with bamboo salt toothpaste.  We’ve actually been though a lot of different toothpaste in this family.  My mom has also tried dental miracle which was also mentioned on by a commenter on paleohacks.

So, this tooth soap is only made with organic oils (olive and coconut), salt (Himalayan), and essential oils.  (Check out the FAQs).  Some people have written good things about it on paleohacks.  From google I found this blog about a woman who tried tooth soap.  People seem to have mostly good things to say about it.

After all the information you get from public health propaganda, sometimes it’s hard to judge what will really work and what won’t.  I started off doing paleo just to see how I felt eating this way, but it defies all the medical education that I’ve had.  It all makes sense though.

On a final note, I think it’s interesting how there is a growing backlash against all the craziness of our current society and a return to simplifying and living more organically.  I’m all for it.  I’ve always been interested in living closer to the earth, but back in the day when I was a child, it was mostly considered out there.  Articles about toxicities from common household items was considered somewhat “crazy.”  I’m glad that the world is changing in this regard.  As more people work towards making themselves happier and healthier, maybe we can see those changes in the world around us.

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on tooth soap, dental hygiene, and anything else you have floating through your brain.  🙂

PS  All links on this blog are for your convenience and information only.  I don’t get anything for you clicking on links.  I’m not cool like that.  Maybe some day in the future, but I’ll let you know if that ever happens.  So, click away freely.


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