So I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and after reading the Scientific American article on antimicrobial wipes making you sick from a link at Mark’s Daily Apple, I realized I should probably write about my toothpaste thoughts before I forget.

In starting to eat paleo/primal, I got to thinking about all the things that we do to our bodies that makes them less efficient and not more efficient.  If we can reduce inflammation naturally through our food choices instead of resorting to pharmaceuticals, then what other things can we change in our lives for the better.  Well, what about toothpaste?

Toothpaste, you use it two times a day (I hope) maybe more, and it goes in your mouth.  In recent years, they have upped the ante with things like formulations for sensitive teeth, extra gingivitis protection, etc.  Have you ever looked at the ingredient lists?  I have.  Most of the times all those “different” formulations are actually the same ingredients with the exact same amount of active ingredient(s).  Hmm.

So, what’s all this hoopla about toothpaste?  Well, I noticed that my toothpaste contains triclosan (and here) – an antibacterial.  Wait a second here, what?  Anti-bacterial in my mouth?  I thought that was the job of my saliva.  That triclosan stuff in in soaps and sanitizers.  Back in the day, you only found it in hospital grade stuff.  Now, triclosan is every where.  Even in your cutting boards!  Yikes.

I don’t think I’m doing my body any favors by using a potent antibacterial all the time.  How is my body going to learn how to defend against the bad guys (i.e. bacteria and viruses)?  I’d like my immune system to be healthy, strong, and working well.

I already buy regular soap.  I check all my soaps to see if there are antibacterials in them or any cancer causing agents.  Now, I’m going to get rid of my triclosan toothpaste and use regular toothpaste.  I’ll probably go for a natural alternative.  It’s not the toothpaste that gets my teeth clean, but brushing.  At least that’s what someone (I think a dental student) told me.

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