Waking up this morning and not having to talk to someone is such a great way to get up.  Just being in tune with all the morning sounds and the silence of the world before things really get going is a nice way to start up a day.

One of the things that I used to do that I haven’t done in a long time is have wordless days.  Maybe not entirely wordless because then that would involve some heavy miming and furious scribbling and that sort of defeats the purpose, but long stretches of time where I just chose not to speak.

It started back in high school more as a joke than for any really serious reasons.  Some kid in my class challenged me to not speaking at all until the end of the day.  After that day, there were days where when I didn’t feel like speaking, I didn’t.

It’s amazing how often we speak and use words when there is no need to.  We fill up the spaces with inane chatter and stop listening.  When I started listening, things calmed down inside my head and I noticed subtleties that I didn’t notice when I was part of the mix chatting up a storm.

I had forgotten how peaceful and wonderful being wordless can be until this morning.

I urge you to try having a wordless day or at least a good few hours of being wordless.  It’s pretty fantastic.  It’s like meditating but you’re still doing everything that you have to do.  Not only that it’s pretty calming.


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