This Morning

I need to have a calm morning.  I think that it sets up my day better and I feel better.  The problem is that there are so many things to be done in the morning and well, living with the ‘rents temporarily puts a bit of a crimp in that.

I think my ideal morning would be waking up naturally without an alarm, with the sun coming through my window.  Enjoying the warm sheets for a bit before getting out of bed for a stretch and some water.  Yoga and meditation by a sunny window with lots of trees or even better, outside among the trees.  If I lived by the ocean, yoga on the beach sounds pretty awesome, too.  Then, when I’m ready, breakfast – eggs, fresh veggies, fresh fruit.  Sounds divine.  I think then after that I could go about my day feeling peaceful.

This morning got pretty close.  I decided not to set an alarm last night.  I needed some sleep and not to worry about getting up early.  I’ve been trying to get myself on an early morning schedule and it hasn’t worked out very well so far.  I ended up waking up for good around 6:45 AM and doing some yoga in the peaceful sunlight of the morning sun.  I didn’t realize how tight I really was until I did yoga this morning.  I’m usually a pretty flexible person (they call me gumby), so finding out how tight I was really highlighted that I need to really stretch it out.

By the time I finished with yoga and the dog and my mom had gotten up, I wasn’t really hungry for breakfast, so we decided to fast this morning until closer to lunch time.  I wasn’t really hungry for dinner last night but ate a little anyway, so I think fasting instead of eating breakfast will be good.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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