Good bye to Food Blogs

I have a whole folder full of bookmarked food blog sites.  They are a good way to pass time when I’m procrastinating and also a good way to get ideas about stuff to eat.  Sometimes I even use them to get my appetite going when food bores me.  (The boredom being my fault since I tend to eat the same things for a whole week and even week to week there isn’t too much variation.)

Now, with the onset of this new eating style, I can’t bear to visit these food blogs.  People photograph food so beautifully that even if you didn’t like the food, you’d want to eat it.  The new eating style pretty much bans grains which is in pretty much every conventional meal out there. There is just no point to visiting these wonderful blogs anymore because I have no use for them.  It’s a bit sad.

Maybe at some point down the road, I’ll dust off that folder of food blogs and take a peek, but for now, I can’t bear looking.  I want to eat things I don’t want to be eating and that is not helping me stick to the paleo/primal way of eating.

I don’t really have a good use for food blogs now.  Not even the ones of the paleo/primal variety.  I pretty much eat all my foods cooked as simply as possible.  I’ve looked through some paleo/primal food blogs and they don’t really interest me much.  I’m not really interested in how to substitue for my “lost” foods.

Figuring out how to make food that masquerades as other types of food is weird to me.  I think that if you can’t eat the food the way it is, you shouldn’t eat it.  For example, tofu made to look and taste like meat is just wrong.  If you hate tofu that much and want to eat meat, then just eat the darn meat and stop messing up the tofu.  Same with paleo baking.  I think that a lot of it is weird and I’m just not a fan.  Maybe later on, I’ll crave baked goods enough to make them, but honestly, I’m not a big fan of baked goods, so I think I’ll be okay.

So right now, I take a peek now and then at the various food blogs, but really, it’s not the same as the daily run through that I was doing before.  Oh well.



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