Good, solid sleep is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.  Certainly, primal living advocates for at least 8 hours a night.  I am all about good sleep.  However, my problem is that I don’t sleep well.

I don’t sleep well.  I have always been able to hear things while I sleep.  I can remember exactly one day when I was probably still in elementary school when I woke up and I felt fantastic.  The feeling was incredibly magical and I am hoping that I can have that feeling more often as I continue a paleo primal lifestyle.

The other problem is that I cannot seem to get to sleep early enough to get enough sleep before my ideal wake time.  I like to wake up early.  No later that 6 am, but preferably 5 am.  Getting up early, I tend to get more work done and feel more accomplished throughout the day.  The biggest problem is that once I don’t get enough sleep, that pattern keeps perpetuating.  I seem to be both a night owl and an early bird.

So in search of good sleep, I am going to implement the following steps over the next few days and see how it goes.

    1. Finish dinner by 6 PM
    2. Start drinking tea (chamomile or bedtime tea) around 7 – 7:30 PM
    3. Shower with a cool rinse
    4. Spend the last hour journaling or reading in a room with soft lighting
    5. Turn off the lights by 9 PM
    6. Get up at 5 AM
I probably still need to make some adjustments to that, but I think just like babies sleep better with a bedtime routine, I’m going to need one so that my body knows when it’s time to sleep.  I will probably need the routine to get myself to sleep a lot in the coming months of crazy, uncertain work scheduling, so I think it’s a good idea to get it down now.

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