Evolution – Backwards Style

*Note: this is a reposting/cross-posting of my original post (with a few slight modifications) at my food blog Funny Eater*

I’m going back in time to eat paleo or primal or whatever you want to call that grain free, dairy free, and all things processed free diet. Is it really a diet though? I think it’s more about a lifestyle (a discussion for another time).  I’m not really a diet person, but the arguments for better health have intrigued me, so we’re giving it a shot.

For curious minds, head over to Mark’s Daily Apple or Robb Wolf.  Both are excellent websites on paleo/primal eating.  The best part are all the before and after pictures and stories.

So, here on Funny Eater, there have been mostly a focus on whole grains, whole foods, and the like. Paleo is sort of a 180 shift. All those whole grains…in fact all grains…good bye. Good bye grains of all types. Also, good bye soy, good bye dairy, good bye sugar, and good bye potatoes (didn’t eat much of those anyway since my nutrition professor said the high glycemic index was not a good thing).

So, what am I going to miss?  In no particular order.

1. cheese – I love melted cheese.  It makes just about anything taste way better.  Plus, it has a huge comfort factor.

2. soy – I love tofu, especially the soft kind.

3. cereal – I love Kashi cereal because it tastes great and is fast eating in the mornings.  Oh well, time to figure out something else.

4. grains – yeah, I’ll miss them, but not too much.

5. peanut butter – peanuts are on the “no” list.  I’m already eating almond butter anyway, so I guess it’s not a huge loss.

6. yogurt – easy and convenient with lots of healthy bacteria…if all goes well, I might let you back in, but for now, good bye.

What am I going to have trouble with?

1. Eating protein at every meal.  I’m not a huge fan of meat.

2. Remembering not to buy foods that are not on the plan.  I went to the grocery store today and found myself being like that would be good and then quickly thinking, “Whoops!  Not on the plan.”  I’m going to get around this, by shopping at farmer’s markets this summer.  Plus, eating local is better.  🙂

After I catch up with my back logged photos, you won’t be seeing grains or dairy for a while.  You might see eggs every so often, but I’m told that starting out it’s best to keep it to vegetables, meat, and seafood.  I’m interested to see how it all plays out.

Anyone else eating paleo/primal?


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